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RP Bhopal has been founded on the time tested principle of augmenting talent with hard work under the right guidance, on a very personal and individual level. We have seen that most of the times the only difference between the ordinary and the extra-ordinary is that of dedication. RP Bhopal brings an entirely new concept in engineering entrance training, in line with current trends with a scientific training module and modern teaching aids to give a wholesome learning environment to turn students into top performers! If you, as aspirants have a firm belief in yourself, and have a desire to fulfill the dreams of your parents, then join the right course of RP Bhopal at the right time.

Mr. Aditya Pathak, a veteran IIT-JEE trainer in Mathematics with a proven track record of producing rankers during his tenure as a faculty with as renowned institute for IIT-JEE of Delhi is the founder of RP Bhopal which supports the dream of numerous engineering aspirants. While an absolute command on the subjects is vital to providing top class training, he agrees that the difference is made by motivational approach that engenders optimism amongst the students and encourages them to perform better. Shri Pathak has always believed that a teacher's dedication is invariably reflected in the student's performance and therefore it's not just studies, but a complete character and personality makeover at RP Bhopal, which ensures that students give more than 100% and reach the top, year after year.

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